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  • 29% Drama
  • 16% Action
  • 15% Science-Fiction
  • 13% Fantasy
  • 10% Adventure
  • 5% Crime
  • 13% Others
ruud's Reviews
Watch God Friended Me Online
I was a bit surprised by this show, i was afraid this was going to be more religious propaganda , but i was wrong this feels A LOT like the Jim Carry movies Bruce almighty, and the first 2 episodes where a lot of fun to watch, i give it a 7 out of 10
7 days ago
Watch The Haunting of Hill House Online
Netflix is doing well whit there original mini series, i really enjoyed these episodes, you have to really get in to the story, so don't just stop whit 1 episode the whole story reveals itself, in a slow pase and is interesting enough to peak your interest, for the Horror fans out there you will find A LOT of links to other famous horror story's like Red Rose ( 2002 ) movie and other movies, so yes this is story we horror fans already know, but is well done, IT is a bit heavy on the Drama, for that reason alone i was hoping that the house was going to leave no survivors ;-) so i give this a 7 out of 10
7 days ago
Watch Charmed (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 1
Top link by marv3l is the correct one ! must say i did enjoy the first episode , lead actresses are not super models, lots of funny comments, but the episode felt a bit fast, big story in 55 minutes to short for a pilot
7 days ago
Watch APB Online
this show is now canceled ;-(
7 months ago
Watch The Mist Online
this show is canceled
7 months ago
Watch Genius (2017) Online Season 1 Episode 3
Link to episode three
a year ago
Watch Genius (2017) Online Season 1 Episode 2
a year ago
Watch Legion Online
a bit of a new take on mutants, like the dark feel of the series, good confusing story line, direct to your face action, first episode promises a lot !
2 years ago
Watch APB Online
familiar faces, good actors love the female lead, a bit of realism combo whit high tech, love the design of the cruisers , first episode feels a bit like bruce wayn whit out the costume
2 years ago
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